Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hair weave on a white girl?

I was thinking about getting a hair weave (because proper hair extensions are waay too expensive!), but I never had one before, so I just have a few questions.

The style I want is something like this (on Ashlee, the blonde girl):


My hair is about shoulder length, shorter at the front with layers in it. Could I get a weave? How comfortable/uncomfortable is it? Is it easy to take care of? Does it damage your hair? How long does it last?

Also what kind of hair extensions would I need to buy for that style (any links would be great :D)?

Thanks :)

Hair weave on a white girl?

can be done - i got blonde hair n i go to a afro salon for my extensions.

i am a hairdresser and am trained in how to do the bonded hair extensions but they damage ur hair way too much, so i went for weaved in extensions as there is no chemicals used.

i got layered hair, and i got 18 inch extensions, and it looks so natural.

the process took 2 hours, wasnt painful, feels bloody weird when u 1st get it done, but after the 1st night u get use to it. fairly easy to wash (unlike single bond extensions - you can use normal shampoo etc where with single bond extensions u have to b v.careful as certain products make the bonds weak).

but with any hair extensions, u have to keep adding moisture, so doing conditioning treatments, using leave in conditioner etc.

this method is good cos it means ur hair will grow n not get damaged as its braided. and comapre 鎷?00 for single bond extensions to 鎷?20 for weave in 1s...yeah...clear winner.

hair extensions they'd use are wefts - long strips of hair cut down to size and usually they will provid it.

Hair weave on a white girl?

Yes u can get a weave! Paris Hilton got one and so did Britney Spears. The question is how much are you willing to spend? Try not to get the cheepie ones at Sally's. Go to a nice salon that does it. The good quality lasts for about 6 mos and u treat it as if it was ur own hair. No it doesnt damage ur hair if u go to a good salon. Stay away from tracks or hair glue that will damage ur hair.

Hair weave on a white girl?

go with this and dont ruin your hair


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