Saturday, August 1, 2009

Does glue in weave break your hair?

My friend told me instead of me bleaching or dying my natural hair I should glue in a color track%26gt;I was just wondering if thats better or worse....

Does glue in weave break your hair?

If you use too much glue it will damage your hair.

Does glue in weave break your hair?

If you're not sure, try an inexpensive clip in color track - and if you like the look and want to wear it for a while, get to a competent colorist.

Don't glue. Glued in tracks may make your hair break or force you to cut some to remove the track (as your hair grows the track will get loose, so within 3 - 6 weeks, you'll need to redo it.) Braided in weaves can actually pull your hair out by the roots because the weft puts so much pressure on your scalp - and they also need to be redone as your hair grows out.

Does glue in weave break your hair?

yes it does. try sewing the track in it lasts longer and saves your hair

Does glue in weave break your hair?

(((Glue, is Tar. Yes! Liquid tar))) I would not use glue in hairweaving. There is a better way to get the look U want without using glue.

First, make a thin corn-roll %26amp; sew the weave hair to the corn-roll. part a section of hair to cover the "sewn in track".

Second, Use YOUR own hair to make a track by pinching off small section %26amp; wrapping weaving thread around it until you've created a track going from LEFT to Right. Then, sew the weaving hair to YOUR own hair-track.

Third. Use a STOCKING! Place a Nylon Stocking on a WigHead, spray with HEAVY Holding Spray %26amp; Let it dry competely. Then, YOU can Bond the weaving hair to the stocking cap. The Result will be as YOU want it without using that nasty glue.

I hope all this information will be of GREAT assistance to you in the future!! Please Don't Use ANY Glue on your SCALP

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